Rio Surgical is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards in all its activities. To this end, we have an implemented Compliance Program, constantly revised, and which is an essential part of our day-to-day activities and applied at all hierarchical levels. Our business is conducted in an ethical manner, in compliance with laws and regulations in order to collaborate in the promotion of sustainable health.

As part of the Compliance Program, Rio Surgical publishes its Code of Ethics and maintains a Reporting Channel.

Code of Ethics and Conduct

Attentive and committed to the quality of the materials and the service we offer to our customers, we have as a premise transparency in all departments of the company. In order to have the alignment of what Rio Surgical expects and what it delivers from end to end in all spheres, we have a code of ethics based on: Legality, Transparency, Work Environment and Labor Relations, Privileged Information, Company Assets, Individual Advantages, Commitment to Quality, Competitions, Bids, Negotiations, Contracts, Payments, Accounting, Communication Channels, Incident Reporting, Compliance.