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About Us

Rio Surgical started its activities in 2019 as an authorized distributor of Stryker – a North American company and a global leader in the manufacture of high-tech products in a variety of medical specialties – to provide a qualified and unique service for medical surgeries in the interior of the Rio de Janeiro State.
We carry in our DNA the signal of a qualified service and support throughout the process, from the choice of the appropriate product, to the necessary equipment to conduct the surgery.The supply of high quality products and state-of-the-art technology is our priority when choosing our partners, as well as constant investments in team qualification and in our facilities.



Our team is composed by a group of qualified professionals engaged in our organizational culture, starting with the Board of Directors, formed by experienced executives with vast experience in the health sector, as well as the commercial team, constantly trained and prepared to always present the best solutions , with the operational support of the back office, an integrated logistics and its own surgical instrumentation team. The concern with the improvement of the team is constant. In addition to all training, internal and external, we are present at the main national and international events in the health sector. We also have Compliance symposia, which take place once a year.

  • A company that seeks excellence with modern facilities and infrastructure and is ready to grow;
  • Holds all the legal licenses to operate in Brazil;
  • An ethical and sustainable company;
  • Experience in the following areas: Spine and Neurosurgery, Craniomaxillofacial, Orthopedic Trauma, Arthroplasty and Sports Medicine
  • Consolidated processes that can be replicated fast;
  • Management Support System (Panel / Management Portal);
  • Continuous team training in Compliance;
  • New, modern and functional structure;
  • Business authorizations: Permit, Visa [Health Surveillance], ANVISA [National Health Surveillance Agency];
  • Registration in Health Plans and Hospitals;
  • Integrated processes and systems from sales force to billing;
  • Intelligent Supply System, considering turnover and need for kits;
  • End-to-end monitored logistics process;
  • Strict controls of regulatory technical standards of the sector.

Attentive and committed to the quality of the materials and the service we offer to our customers, we have as a premise transparency in all departments of the company. In order to have the alignment of what Rio Surgical expects and what it delivers from end to end in all spheres, we have a code of ethics based on: Legality, Transparency, Work Environment and Labor Relations, Privileged Information, Company Assets, Individual Advantages, Commitment to Quality, Competitions, Bids, Negotiations, Contracts, Payments, Accounting, Communication Channels, Incident Reporting, Compliance.


Providing solutions that promote a sustainable health.


Constantly innovating in the provision of services to provide the best experience to our customers.


We work with transparency and responsibility.

We encourage attitudes to achieve the goals according to the company’s strategic vision.

We are focused on the quality of our actions and excellence in the services provided.

We care for sustainable and responsible use of available resources.

Quality Policy

Rio Surgical, in its commitment to life, continually seeks the improvement of its services, seeking to identify and meet the customer needs.
In order to achieve its quality goals, Rio Surgical works in partnership with suppliers studying and looking for new technologies, training and qualifying its employees, always focusing on the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and adopting strict controls of regulatory technical norms of the sector.

Our Credentials

We comply with ANVISA resolutions regarding Good Distribution Practices.


We are audited by PP&C Auditores Independentes, a member of Nexia International.

We are associated with the main legitimating bodies of ethical principles and lawful practices in the health sector, such as ABRAIDI – Brazilian Association of Implant Distributors and Importers, and also with Instituto Ética Saúde, an association committed to promote an ethical business culture that enables the creation of environments governed by fair competition and transparency, as well as fostering responsible and participative social action of all actors of the segment.

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